Emit Time Station ETS2 and ETS2L

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ETS2 is Emit's new finish and intermediate time station, and is the world's first transponder decoder that is approved for timing in all branches and at all levels within FIS. ETS2 has undergone a number of improvements and has been through a very demanding test regime for the homologation of timing equipment supervised by FIS. It comes with a built-in printer and 4G modem, and has a new user-friendly menu system. ETS2 replaces the traditional clock, and registers the time when the emiTags pass the eLine loop, internal or external. Chip ID and time are sent from the chips back to ETS2 via the internal radio antenna. The data is stored locally and printed on the built-in printer, before being sent on to the PC via USB, RS-232, RS-485 and the 4G modem. User manual, driver, firmware and documentation can be downloaded here.

Instructions for use ETS2 English

User manual ETS2 English

Wiring diagram for ECB1 / ETS1 / ETS2 Norwegian (old version)

Wiring diagram for ECB1 / ETS1 / ETS2 Norwegian (new version summer 2022)

Nyeste versjon av eUpgrade

USB Driver for Emit Hardware (ver.2.12.28)

(USB driver ver 2.12.28 as of February 2021. Possibly new drivers may be available here: https://ftdichip.com/drivers/vcp-drivers/)