Emit AS has a total of seven permanent employees. We are three people working at the head office in Bedriftsveien 10 on Kalbakken in Oslo, while the development department with four permanent employees is located at Gudbrandsdalsvegen 194 in Lillehammer.

We prefer to be contacted by e-mail, but it is also possible to call our switchboard on tel: 22 91 03 00

Feel free to send an email directly to one of us or emit@emit.no

If you need help with Emit equipment, contact us at support@emit.no

Support inquiries are answered within one working day.

Orders from Sweden are handled by Emit AB; +46 (0)70-3112688

Orders from Denmark are handled by our Danish distributor; eTiming/DOF Store

Orders from Finland are handled by our Finnish distributor; Suunnistajan Kauppa

Orders from the UK are handled by our British distributor; Emit UK

Tommy Jauhojärvi

Luc Wathelet
System developer

Stein Edgar Løkken
Developing director

Aadne Smidesang
Production & service manager

Sven Marti
Owner, developer and chairman of the board

Aspen Grøtterud
Production & 3D printing

Eirik Stokseth
Product and sales manager