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Emit Start Display ESD2

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Emit Start Display ESD2 is our latest start display. ESD2 uses modern LED lights to generate two lines of six characters (letters or digits). It comes with automatic brightness adjustment and you can program the start list from eTiming. Download users manual here in English. Drivers, help programs, firmware, etc. is only available in Norwegian.

Bruksanvisning ESD2 norsk

Users manual ESD2 English

Nyeste versjon av Emit ESD2 hjelpeprogram

eUpgrade ver.1.2.6233 (brukes kun til eScan)

Nyeste versjon av eUpgrade

USB Driver for Emit Hardware (ver.2.12.28)

(USB driver ver 2.12.28 as of February 2021. Possibly new drivers may be available here: