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All emiTag tags with a serial number lower than 4 103 640 must be replaced before the 2024 summer season. It is no longer possible to replace the battery on emiTag tags, as the electronics are covered by casting compound to be 100% waterproof. Emit offers a 25% discount on a new chip if you have an old emiTag chip that you want to replace with a new chip. In that case, order a new emiTag V3 with a 25% trade-in discount and send your old tag to Emit AS, Bedriftsveien 10, 0950 Oslo. We will send the new tag as soon as we receive the old one. We do not give a discount for lost tags.

It is also possible to drop by our office at Kalbakken in Oslo, or at Lillehammer, to replace a tag. We are open on weekdays from 0830 to 1530 and accept payments with Vipps.

Our address in Oslo is Bedriftsveien 10, 0950 Oslo, tel: 22910300. The address in Lillehammer is Gudbrandsdalsvegen 194 (u etg), 2619 Lillehammer, tel: 98433551.

For information on how to update the chip number on 'Min Idrett', see the following webpage from Skiforbundet Tidtakerbrikker (

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