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Emit Finish Station ECB1

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Emit finish station ECB1 is the heart and brain of the emiTag system. The user manual can be downloaded here in English. Sketches, specifications, drivers and help programs are only available in Norwegian.

Bruksanvisning ECB1 målestasjon norsk

User manual ECB1 finish station english

Wiring diagram for ECB1 / ETS1 Norwegian (old version)

Wiring diagram for ECB1 / ETS1 / ETS2 Norwegian (new version summer 2022)

eUpgrade ver.1.2.6233 (brukes kun til eScan)

Nyeste versjon av eUpgrade

Kommunikasjonsprotokoll ECB1/ETS1 norsk

USB Driver for Emit Hardware (ver.2.12.28)

(USB driver ver 2.12.28 as of February 2021. Possibly new drivers may be available here: