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Instructions for firmware update

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This page described how to upgrade the firmware in EMIT hardware.

NOTE: For the following steps you need to be connected to internet since firmware is downloaded online while upgrading

  1. Connect the hardware to upgrade by USB to the computer with eUpgrade
  2. Turn on the hardware
  3. Start eUpgrade
  4. Choose tab «Connection» and choose the correct COM-port there and 115200 baud
  5. Version and Serial number of the connected hardware is shown in the top part of eUpgrade (see example image below)
  6. Select the first tab (Upgrade ECB, ECU etc…)
  7. Click «Get SW»
  8. Choose the last available firmware
  9. Check: «Auto upgrade after successful transfer»
  10. Click «Transfer»
  11. The list to the right will get green line by line as the firmware is transferred.

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  • The connected hardware will beep and reboot after successful update