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Hardware settings for events

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This page describes important settings that can and should be set/verified in hardware before usage.

Note that some settings are not available in all types of hardware

When using TFP-controls for punching and other hardware (ETS1 / eLink) as intermediate-time transmitters you need to enter the same code in the ETS1/eLink as the TFP have, else the ETS1 / eLink will not hear the punches.

Important When using ETS as intermediate-time together with TFP-controls, you MUST turn off the internal eLine in the ETS (select No on the question during startup) else punches will be done long before the runner reaches the control.

Code (Function)

The most important setting for hardware is to set the correct code in the hardware.

The code is set by using the keypad by Meny > Code or by connecting the hardware to a computer by USB/Serial cable and using software.

Available settings

  • Start: Sets code 0 and thereby clears the emiTag/card from data when it comes into the field
  • Finish: Sets code 248 for use as finish-line with two loops
  • Backup Finish: Sets code 90 for use as finish-line with one loop
  • Code: To set a code other than the above, use the keypad and type in the wanted code (the text CCC on top will change as you type). Valid codes as 071-239


To get correct times for passages you also need to set the time in the hardware, this can be done manually with the keypad Menu > Clock or by connecting the hardware to a computer by USB/Serial cable and using software.

For important events you should set the time with software that uses atomic time as source to get as correct times as possible between devices.

New Race

Before an event, you should always clear the backup memory in the hardware by issuing a New Race command, either with the keypad or by software.

If you do not clear backup memory you may get into situations where lot of old data left in the device is uploaded to GPRS-server or sent over the wire, thereby delaying the data you want.

Acc On/Off

Some hardware (ETS1 mainly) can be set into acknowledging punches or not (Acc On/Off). For situations where a lot of emiTags will pass over a loop in a short amount of time, Acc should be set to On to minimize the radio-collisions.

Note: The display on the hardware shows the mode you want to switch to, so when the hardware is in state Acc On, the display will say Acc off to offer the function to turn off acknowledement.

Note2: Then using multiple receivers (primary and backup) on intermediate times, you should have both of them set to Acc Off, else you may not receive the punch on both receivers.