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QuickStart – Emit Selftiming

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Emit selftiming quickstart

Congratulations on your purchase of the Emit selftiming system!

  • Goto and create an account or login with your existing account 
  • Click ‘My events’ and click ‘Create event’
  • When creating the event. In the field Readout station (ID) enter the station-ID that’s printed on the back of your station (for example NO0055) 
  • Register classes and and course definitions of the event 
  • Power on the Selftiming-station by connecting it to power with the provided Micro-USB connector. The station can be driven by a Powerbank as well 
  • The readout station needs internet connectivity to function.
    • Connect to internet by inserting an ethernet cable into the network socket on the station.
    • Connect to internet by Wifi
      Press the settings symbol in the lower right corner, and press ‘Scan for networks
      Select the correct network and press ‘Configure‘, give information about security type and type wifi-password. Press ‘Configure again. 
    • You can also connect to internet with a 4G/LTE USB modem. Insert a USB HiLink modem in one of the USB slots and the station will connect to internet.
      Recommended modem is Huawei E3372h  
  • With the station connected to internet (green sign in lower right corner) you begin readout of participants. Hold the card against the ECU or USB-reader and results will be displayed on screen.