Instructions at competitors using Touch-Free punching in Ski-O

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When using emiTags during the competition, strap the tag around the wrist and fast it with safety pins.

In speed the punching is performed by holding the emiTag 0-50 cm from the control for a short moment. The LED light in the emiTag will start flashing, and keeps flashing for 5 seconds after the punch.

NOTE! It is important to see this flashing, since this is the only feedback telling you that the punch is performed correctly!

When using personal emiTag on WRE races, there should always be a possibility to test the emiTag before starting. emiTag with a number lower than 3 977 320 must be replaced before winter season 2022/23 . For more information New emiTag | Emit

Example video on how to punch effectivly

Click on the below videos to see an example on how to punch effectivly, remember to look for the blink!


Controls (Touch-Free PRO)

The controls are of the type Touch-Free PRO.

Punching range when standing still is 65cm. The range is reduced when punching in high speed.

The Touch-Free PRO control unit will be clearly visible and fastened on a stick. Example control

On WSOC and WC event there should be control units on both sides of the track.

Do NOT touch the control unit when punching


Touch-Free Start PRO. Keep your emiTag up to the starting unit to "zero/clear" the emiTag 2 minutes before the start.


Finish times are measured with help of loops in the ground so that you can pass the finish line at full speed.

The readout/punch control is done after the finish line.