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Produkter: Self Timing

myLogger GPS-logger

myLogger GPS-logger

myLogger er en liten GPS-logger i lommeformat med ekstremt følsom GPS-mottaker, som registrerer...

Assistance timing og resultservice


Assistance timing and resultservice, plus other consultantservices regarding arrangements, has...

emiTag chip and myLogger GPS-logger

emiTag og myLogger bundle

The ultimate gift for a sporty, competitive and outdoor life interested man(or woman). With this...

ePost with LED

ePost with LED

A new and improved version of Emits control units, with a built-in, bright LED that flashes when...

eScan reader


eScan is Emit's newest reader that reads all kinds of e-cards and emiTags. The content of the e...

Emit Finish Display ESD2

ESD2 Finish Display

Emit Finish Display (ESD2) is a digital startdisplay. It i svery suitable for orienteering,...