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eScan reader kit

NOK 13 500 incl. VAT
eScan reader kitEmit Power PackeScan with EPR3 printer and emiTag

eScan is Emit's newest reader that reads all kinds of e-cards and emiTags. The content of the e-cards/emiTags is transferred wireless by bluetooth to the EPR3-printer, and by usb to a PC with suitable software.

eScan is shaped like a barcode reader, with a "pistol-grip"-button, which is pressed when reading e-cards/emiTags. A small display at the top of eScan shows the running time and id-number of the e-card/emiTag. eScan also has a built-in led and vibrator that indicates when it is finished reading. eScan has built-in rechargeable batteries, that are charged by the supplied usb-cable.

The following equipment is included in the kit:

* Case with custom fittings
* EPR3 – wireless bluetooth printer with battery-charger
* USB extension cable
* Holder for eScan (used for automatic reading)
* Power pack - extra battery
* Two rolls of thermal paper