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emiTag timing chip

NOK 750 incl. VAT
emiTag 2018
emiTag 2018emiTag 2018emiTag 2018

The emiTag is an active timing chip with a built-in radio tranceiver.

emiTags are suitable for a variety of sports, where you want to record times and identity. The chip has many advanced features; two-ways communication, large flash storage, a powerful LED (that flashes when the emiTag detects an eLine signal) and a state-of-the-art lithium battery.

Almost all major sports federations in Norway (that is timing sports; orienteering, cycling, running, cross-country skiing, biathlon, ++) has signed long-term agreements with Emit, ensuring that emiTags system is used all over the country. Finnish and Swedish federations are also starting to use the system, and many other European countries are interested.

The emiTags are usually owned by the runner/competitor, but it is also possible for a club to buy a set of emiTags for local competitions and training.

emiTags are NOT compatible with Emits EPT e-cards for orienteering.

2 years full warranty; expected technical lifetime is estimated to be 5 years.