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Emit TFT (Touch-Free Trainer)

NOK 800 incl. VAT
Touch Free Trainer units
TFT and emiTag TFT control unitTFT StartTFT Finish

Emit's new Touch-Free control unit for orienteering, fixed courses and other types of evennts using mandatory check points. The TFT unit is compatible with Emit's emiTag e-card; used for timekeeping in orienteering, running, cross-country skiing, cyckling, etc.

The TFT units are programmed to a code between 100-199. The code is transmitted to the emiTag, when it is within 25 cm from the TFT unit for at least a half second.

A LED on the emiTag starts to blink rapidly when the TFT's code is registered. All codes registered on the emiTag can be downloaded later.

The TFT units use two AA batteries (included), that should last for one season (six months).