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ECB1 finish station

NOK 31 200 incl. VAT
ECB1 finish station
ECB1 displayECB1 finish stationBlue eLine loopWhite eLine loopYagi-antenna with10 m coax cable

When you use the emiTag system, the ECB1 represents Emit’s finish station. The ECB1 replaces the traditional finish clock and registers the time when the emiTags pass the eLine circuits that represent the finishing line. The competitor’s tag ID and time are transmitted from the tags and back to the ECB1 via an external radio antenna. The data is saved locally before it is transmitted to a PC via USB, RS-232, RS-485 or GPRS.

The ECB1 and the emiTags may be used for registering finish results and split times in various sports. The system is now actively in use in cross country skiing, biathlon, ski orienteering, cycling (road racing, time trials, off road, track cycling), running, triathlon, etc.

You may control/configurate the ECB1 from a PC or with the built-in keyboard with 6 variable menu keys and a numeric keyboard. The ECB1 has 5 LED’s and a graphic display which shows current information. The LEDs change colour depending on the status of the event it is connected to. The ECB1 also has a built-in thermal printer which prints out all current events.

ECB1 is intended for use with the eTiming software.

ECB1 comes with all necessary accessories including: dual Eline loops (blue and white), 2 patch cable to eLine loops, Yagi antenna with 10 m coaxial cable, usb cable, RS232 serial cable, CD with USB driver and a user manual.